Break the cycle or else

Having watched the Senate impeachment (so-called) trial, a few things come to light. Laws are flexible based on political affiliation. In a perfect America, proper behavior is not subject to wild political machinations. This has debilitating influence on the populace and makes one ask the question: Why should I follow the rules? If the goalposts move depending on what group I pay homage to, why should I be concerned about behaving badly when my tribe will exonerate me?

One success the president has had is to destroy my faith in the institutions of the American system. The executive branch has neutered Congress and the courts. The separation of powers that we were taught about in school is dead. If one is an avid Trump fan, it’s all good. But one day he’ll be gone and perhaps we will have a Democrat in the White House. A Democratic president may well continue with this executive overreach and run rampant with his agenda. And of course, with Democratic majorities, they will allow him to do so. Turning out his cronies, committing crimes, his majesty will know no bounds.

The United States talks about liberty and justice for all. It does not say liberty for some and justice for those who rig the system. Our president is not a king. We fought a war over that. Unfortunately, our elected leaders are feckless cowards who suck up taxpayer money, worrying only about reelection, and showing blind party fealty. Unless we break this cycle, the future is grim.

Lawrence Nader