In his Oct. 10 letter to the editor, Oren Spiegler mentions that Joe Biden has “made a number of missteps …” He goes on as most of his previous letters do, to harp on the previous president as if everything is so much better with Biden. Biden’s “missteps” are costing our country dearly both here and abroad.

Spiegler has previously stated that the Afghanistan debacle will be forgotten as if it was a minor glitch in Biden’s term. Biden and his team miscalculated everything related to the exit from Afghanistan. His execution was derelict and led to the deaths of 13 U.S. service members. The botched withdrawal will cost us dearly in credibility with our allies and any future needs we might have with Afghanistan.

Meanwhile, here in the U.S., Biden's approval ratings have sunk in nearly all categories, including competence, foreign policy, the economy, and immigration. The current situation at our border is nothing less than chaos, where thousands are entering every day. Those coming over the border illegally are making the cartels richer with exorbitant charges to get to the U.S., which, in turn, fuels the drug trade and floods our country with deadly fentanyl. Yet, there is not a plan in place because our president claims the border is closed.

Our economy is a wreck with inflation at highs we haven’t seen for 30 years. Many families are now struggling more to put gas in their cars and put food on the table. Biden’s answer: spend more money! He wants to pass a partisan boondoggle infrastructure bill that will make things far worse. Biden, who ran on bringing the country together continues to divide us with vaccine mandates that are purely political.

Spiegler calls all these things “missteps” and “stumbles.” Most would call these debacles and crises. Biden’s incompetence and inability to lead has become quite evident in his first nine months. Polls are showing that even independents are dissatisfied with his performance. The hope of many is that the myriad of “missteps” Biden has delivered will ultimately lead to a total change in congressional leadership in 2022.

Brian Day