Gerald Fontana’s letter, “In Support of the president,” published Sept. 10, was excellent. Concisely and without vitriol or drama, he laid out the reasons for voting for President Trump by highlighting the differences between conservative values held by the majority of Americans versus the radical far left agenda that now characterizes the Democratic Party.

Whether you admire Trump or hate him, your vote will be for or against the traditional values upon which our country was founded. A 2019 Gallup Poll found that whether they identify as Republican, Democrat, or Independent, the vast majority of Americans still share similar conservative values. The once great party of Democrats has been hijacked by a powerful group of radicals who are antithetical to those values.

Joe Biden has shown that he is incapable of controlling those radicals. Read the Biden-Bernie Sanders Unity Task Force recommendations if you question the direction Biden’s handlers intend to lead our country. Mr. Fontana is correct. Biden’s party is no longer the Democratic Party of the past.

Kathryn Herrnberger

Eighty Four