For those who are not old enough to remember the withdrawal of troops from Vietnam on April, 30, 1975, it was a picture of chaos. "Desperate South Vietnamese climbed the walls of the American embassy in Saigon pleading for help. Over a hundred thousand succeeded in reaching American ships off the coast."

President Biden has kept his campaign promise to get America out of Afghanistan. Has it been pretty? No, but history tells us it would never be pretty when people are desperate. Our president has promised to get all Americans out of Afghanistan who want to come and he is working hard to save the interpreters, their families, plus many Afghans who just don't want to live under the Taliban.

With just seven months in office, Biden will get us out of Afghanistan, he will get infrastructure done, and I am confident that the voting rights of all America will be saved from state legislatures that want to overturn the will of the people. Biden is trying to help the American people with an agenda for all the people, not just the rich.

So, yes, the American people are now getting exactly what we deserve. Thank goodness for a president who cares.

Bonnie Wheeler