Is there no bottom to GOP’s hypocrisy?

What would you do if your child came home from school and told you that his geography teacher said Africa was being removed from the curriculum because most of the countries there are s_-holes?

What would you do if your child announced his male health teacher shared his sexual experiences with the class?

What would you do if your minister announced that Mexicans would not be welcomed to your church because most of them are rapists and gang members?

What would you do if the president said all of the above? He has, plus more. If you think these are funny and/or OK, then you need to tweak your moral compass.

If you have forgotten your American history, here is a refresher. We have had many demagogues throughout history, but this is the first time one is in the Oval Office. He may appear to be just a floppy-haired buffoon, but he is dangerous. Followers get caught up in the hype and fail to see through this.

Demagogues are bombastic and appeal to the baser, negative side of people’s feelings. They build on prejudice, hate, racism, rage, violence, paranoia and ultra-nationalism. At heart they are narcissists and only think of themselves. Beware!

Rose Hess

Bowling Green, Ohio

Formerly of Greene County