This is in response to the Nov. 17 front page article regarding driving under the influence charges being dismissed against Richard Bower Jr., the son of the Fayette County district attorney who was involved in a wrong-way accident on Route 119 in Fayette County in August. What a travesty of justice.

District attorney Richard Bower Sr. assigned a "special prosecutor" to the case – Uniontown attorney Samuel Davis. Davis said that he felt dismissing the charges against Bower Jr. was "fair and reasonable." It's a joke to the nth degree. 

If I were the other driver in this incident, I would be howling to the highest level. He should demand that the charges against Bower Jr. be reinstated and allow a jury to determine if the charges against Bower Jr. are appropriate.

St. Vincent College law professor Bruce Antkowiak was correct in stating that he has never heard of another lawyer act as a special prosecutor in a case. I have not either.

In fact, the Attorney General of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania should intercede and take over this case. 

Jacob Zellie