On Sept. 12th, I participated in Rep. Tim O’Neal’s paper shredding event at Washington Crown Center. When I arrived, 45 minutes early, there were already 15 or 20 people there. Eventually, volunteers arrived to set up the system. The truck arrived right at 9 a.m. By that time, there was a huge line, but it all went very quickly, smoothly, and efficiently. Thank you, Rep. O’Neal and volunteers!

My impression is that O’Neal and I would disagree on most of the headline issues. I’m sure, in this hyper-partisan time, there were all kinds of viewpoints represented in the people who participated.

I have two take-aways, as they say. First, for all our intense differences, there’s a whole lot of good things we are and can accomplish together. Second, this was just for shredding papers that were so personal and important that they shouldn’t be put in the regular trash, but unimportant enough that they could be thrown out. We all must go through a humungous amount of paper!

Gerard Weiss