There is an "expected standard of care" for health and safety everywhere, and especially for the children in our schools and child care centers.

For school boards, the expected standard of care is to use the information at their disposal to make decisions in the best interest of the community. One of their chief responsibilities is to provide and maintain educationally efficient school facilities. This must include the best health and safety standards and practices.

The school board directors are agents of the state Legislature. So, why aren't the state legislators at the school board meetings when the best interests for the health and safety of the children and the community is of paramount concern during this pandemic?

For businesses, there is a chamber of commerce that acts as a spokesman for the business and professional community and translates the group thinking of its members into action. So, why aren't the chambers of commerce present at the school board meetings to translate the group thinking and concerns of their leaders for health and safety during this pandemic?

In fact, the Pennsylvania Health and Safety Plans of the American Rescue Plan Act specifies that schools and child cares will coordinate with the state and local health officials. Really, what could be more important for the leaders of business, health and safety than participating, in-person, at school board meetings during this pandemic?

The definition of a pandemic is an outbreak of a disease prevalent over a whole country or the world. So, let's do our part, by acting local and thinking global to help slow and stop the spread of this pandemic.

Dennis Smiddle