Recently I had an appointment with a new doctor. The first thing the receptionist said was, "I need your insurance cards and your ID." I said, "What if I don't have an ID?" She laughed and said, "Everyone who comes here has an ID." Later on, I reflected on how for years, the Democratic Party has cried that so many people have been denied the right to vote, because they don't have that necessary item. Is it possible they have been denied health care also?

But I have a suggestion. Since President Biden likes to spend money, he should tell the Transportation Secretary to hire multiple bus companies to go across the countryside into these neighborhoods, pick up these people and take them where they need to go to get this elusive butterfly, the ID. And to make sure they don't miss one of these ID buses, Pete Buttigieg could have Biden's favorite sayings on the sides, like "Come on, man," "That's a bunch of malarkey," "No joke, no joke" or "I took care of Corn Pop."

Then on any subsequent Election Day, these people will have all they need to prove who they are without question. And a greater bonus will be access to medical care so vital to everyone!

Robert BonAnno