I debated about putting this in print, but then I decided, “Why not?”

It’s been a constant practice for everyone to read day after day, and to hear day after day, and to witness day after day such negativity all around us. The times have been grueling. We have all had so much of it fed into our minds. It can be a heavy weight to continually carry.

And then I opened up the Observer-Reporter today with an insert of Canonsburg Magazine. It was so enjoyable to read and had some very uplifting news from beginning to end. Most of those articles were filled with a lot of positivity. My mood had somewhat elevated to a more encouraged feeling and, also, pride to see how many really wonderful things are happening in our community. It was nice to read something pleasant for a change. All of these things, needless to say, take a lot of time with hours of planning and a lot of work by dedicated people to pull it together and make it a reality. But, it was something so well-received to read!

I’m pretty sure that It doesn’t take a lot to lift one’s hopes and spirits when you can look ahead to that feeling of “promise" again. We have concentrated so much on our unfortunate circumstances, and with every reason to feel the enormity of the cost it has had, and still is taking, on so many lives. What a help to feel that we still have much to look forward to and have to focus on those better things to come instead of what we’ve been dealing with throughout all these difficult months.

The impact Canonsburg Magazine had on me this morning was a feeling of hope again. I am grateful for those who are doing so many things to make wonderful things happen for all to look forward to!

Joanne Gump