A matter of simple science

I appreciated Gary Stout’s assessment that Donald Trump will be re-elected in 2020 (July 22). My only point of disagreement is that the economy is not the only factor in that assessment. If one pays attention to the immigration crisis at the southern border it is clear that this is an issue that Americans feel strongly about, and my guess is that President Trump is the one who understands that. It is clear that the Democratic Congress doesn’t consider the situation at the southern border a crisis. In science there is a principle known as Le Chatelier’s Principle, which states that when a system is in equilibrium and a stress is applied to the system it will adjust to relieve that stress. My view is that there is extreme stress on our system caused by the influx of millions of migrants. It will adjust by requiring our government to invest more money to relive that stress. However, that adjustment will affect the availability of financial support for American citizens living below the poverty level.

I grew up in a family of three male children. When my mother made pies, we each were asked how big a piece we would like, and the four males wanted a quarter. Simple arithmetic says that is one whole pie. If my mother wanted a piece, she needed to make more than one pie, which is what she did. Fortunately, even though we were not rich, my mother was able to make more than one pie. The problem with immigration is that there are not enough ”pies” to go around so everyone can get what they want.

In chemistry we also talk about limited reactant, which says the amount of product is limited by the amount of reactants. The reactant in our case is taxes paid by the working members of our society while the product will need more reactants to satisfy the demands. The two sides of this equation will not balance as long as the demand is greater that the resulting product. Simple science tells us what must be done.

Clyde Clendaniel