For months Democrats have insisted that the crisis at the border was a manufactured one by the Trump Administration. Some of them finally decided to visit one of the detention centers in Texas to see if there really was a crisis.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who never passes up the opportunity to be seen and heard, was among those Democrats. Prior to even going to Texas, she called the detention centers concentration camps. She obviously has never seen pictures of the concentration camps that the Jews were sent to by the Nazis. They were packed into railroad cars with no facilities and when they arrived at the camps some were immediately killed. Others were required to work long hours with hardly any food or water, and the buildings they were kept in didn't have heat or air conditioning. It should also be pointed out that they were sent to these camps. They did not choose to go, unlike the detainees at the border who decided to come here illegally. I dare say that they have created this problem for themselves.

After her trip, she made claims that the conditions were horrible and that they didn't have water to drink and were supposedly told by the Border Patrol that they could drink from the toilets. These claims are diametrically opposed to what a group of pastors who were there the week before reported. Given a report from Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and a report from a group of pastors, I'll take the word of the pastors.

The conditions are not perfect because these places, which were built under the Obama Administration, were not meant to hold so many people. Unfortunately, building bigger places will not solve the problem. We need a wall which the Democrats have refused to fund. When a humanitarian aid package was put forth, Miss Ocasio-Cortez voted twice against it twice so she can blame herself for some of the problems there. Our Border Patrol agents are doing the best job that they can under the current conditions. Do the Democrats think that if we were to just let all of the detainees go that their conditions would improve? Where would they go for shelter, food, water or any of the bare necessities that they are receiving now? They would be forced to live on the street and steal what they could.

This is a real crisis and we must build the wall and change our immigration laws to allow us to immediately turn back anyone found sneaking across the border. Most of them who claim asylum do not meet the requirements for it.

We are a sovereign nation and have the right to choose who comes into this country. I am not against immigration. I am just against illegal immigration.

Christine Zienkiewicz