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Studies have found that teens who don’t get enough sleep are less alert in school, more prone to absenteeism, more prone to being overweight, depressed and in danger of picking up unhealthy habits like smoking and drug use.

When you were in high school, were you one of those hapless souls who found your eyelids getting very heavy during that first-period algebra class?

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Don't expect anything as a result of this time change. The result will be the same as going fron stsndard time to daylight savings time. In a few weeks everything will end up the same. A short period of adjuxtment.


Based on your comments about causes and cures of brain health issues, I would assume that you don't put much stock in scientific studies.

I am in fact a scientist with a degree in Chemistry. I deal in hard facts, not soft assumptions. We have no mental health system beyond just throwing drugs at people which in the end they don't take because of the side effects. I know once a year the clocks get set back and those tired students get an extra hour of sleep. But that hour wears off very fast and we don't see a jump in performance after that extra hour of sleep.


Then you must simply choose to ignore results of research studies that do not support your hypothesis. Interesting position for a scientist to take I think.

OK, the clocks get set back one hour every fall. Is there a corresponding jump in student performance every year after that set back? Apparently not. As a scientist, I most include all variables when I di a study. It is not just what time do we start school but when do students go to bed. All scientific studies must include all variables to be complete. Adjusting start time without taking into account student sleep time is a worthless study. As a chemist I looked into all interference's in my analysis. Until I can correct for those interference's but results are flawed. So until they control when students go to bed that study is flawed.

A scientific study must account for anything that interferes with tor affects the outcome of the study . Student sleep time is a huge variable which appears to have been rejected as a variable here. As I said the clock were adjusted every year during the first semester with no improvement in student performance. That makes it a fatally flawed study.

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