Jenna Morasca

Jenna Morasca

Jenna Morasca

A former reality television star who won a season of “Survivor” is in trouble with police after she allegedly bit a South Strabane Township police officer when she was found unresponsive at the wheel of her vehicle last month.

Jenna Morasca, 36, of South Fayette Township, was found just after 7 p.m. Jan. 25 unresponsive behind the wheel of her station wagon at a stop sign at the Trinity Point shopping plaza, according to a South Strabane police report.

When police arrived, the officer found her unconscious in the driver’s seat. The engine was running but the transmission was in park in the vehicle with the vanity plate AMAZON. Morasca received $1 million for winning “Survivor: The Amazon” in 2003. She also participated in the 19th season of “The Amazing Race,” with her then-boyfriend, Ethan Zohn, also a fellow “Survivor” winner.

One officer administered Narcan to Morasca as emergency medical personnel were arriving on the scene. The officer then spoke with Morasca’s passenger, a 25-year-old Washington woman, who was placing a clear plastic bag into her purse. The officer was able to see several syringes in the bag.

When the officer told the woman he needed the bag of syringes, she reportedly told him that she did not have any. She was taken into custody and the syringes and other paraphernalia were removed from her purse.

Emergency medical personnel administered another dose of Narcan to Morasca and placed her into the ambulance. The paramedic asked for assistance with Morasca, who was reportedly being combative and trying to bite medical personnel.

A South Strabane officer stayed inside the ambulance while she was transported to Washington Hospital’s emergency room. Morasca reportedly continued to be combative and bit the officer on the right forearm.

Police will obtain a search warrant for Morasca’s medical records to determine if she should be charged with driving under the influence. The passenger was told by police that she would be charged by summons with possession of drug paraphernalia. As of Thursday, no charges had been filed against Morasca.

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