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Karen Mansfield/Observer-Reporter

Donations have been pouring in for 2000 Turkeys.

Thanksgiving Day is about five weeks away, and at local grocery stores, turkeys, canned pumpkin, stuffing, and cranberries are on shelves and in freezers.

And the 2000 Turkeys drive, which aims to provide Thanksgiving dinners for Washington County families in need, is in full swing.

Washington County individuals, businesses and organizations are doing their part to make sure their neighbors can enjoy a Thanksgiving dinner.

Thank you to those who have opened their hearts and wallets to help others celebrate the holiday.

Also, Shepherd’s Finance, a longtime supporter of 2000 Turkeys, announced Thursday it will match all donations up to $12,500 through Nov. 5.

2000 Turkeys is working with the Greater Pittsburgh Food Bank and its 13 Washington County food pantries and high rises to provide a turkey and fixings. Their locations are:

n Allenport Food Pantry, 1850 Main St., Allenport

n Burgettstown Area Food Pantry, 1616 Smith Twp. State Rd. (Rt 18), Atlasburg

n Canonsburg Food Pantry, 112 W. Pike Street, Canonsburg

n Charleroi Drive-up Distribution, 1 Chamber Plaza, Charleroi

n Community Circle Food Pantry, 69 E. Pine St., Washington

n Country Six Food Pantry, 420 California Dr., Coal Center

n LeMoyne Community Center Food Pantry, 200 Forrest Ave., Washington

n McDonald Food Pantry, 151 School St., McDonald

n McGuffey Food Pantry, 4166 U.S. 40, Claysville

n Meadow Lands Food Pantry, 300 Pike St., Meadow Lands

n Mon Valley Youth & Teen Association Food Pantry, 160 Thompson Ave., Donora

n Monongahela Food Pantry, 430 W. Main St., Monongahela

n Salvation Army Washington, 60 E. Maiden St., Washington

The high rises are:

Canon House, Canon Apartments, Donora Towers, Monongahela Manor, Bellmead Apartments, Heritage House of Houston, The Oaks, Thomas Campbell Apartments, Haveloch Commons, Char House, Crest Apartments, and Liberty Towers.

It’s not too early to donate. Please send your check to 2000 Turkeys, P.O. Box 2000, Washington, Pa., 15301. Or, drop off a donation to WJPA or the Observer-Reporter.

Let’s make this a memorable Thanksgiving holiday for all families in Washington County!

Thank you to the following for their generous donations:

William and Marlene Rhoades, $40

Robert and Patricia Crall, $25

George and Mary Ann Lucas, $50

Samuel Post Jr., in memory of wife, Mary R. Post, and sisters, Nellie Snyder, Mary Borsare, and Joann Lilley, $100

Anonymous, $200

Dolores Jennings, in memory of Ray L. Jennings, $200

Mary Polansky and Andrew Tarnik, $50

J.C. and Lucille Hilty, $50

Roy and Marie Larimer, $25

Drew and Arlene Hakas Danver, $100

Associates in Dentistry, Gregory Nairn, DMD, $150

Elizabeth and Jim Amato, $25

Mark and Ellen Sams, $25

James and Joan Stewart, in memory of Bob Stewart, $100

Margaret Zuraw, in memory of Vic Zuraw, $100

Sandra Lee Dillard, in memory of Jim Comella III, $20

Marjorie Savage, in memory of Jim Comella, $20

Tad and Vicki Zieba, $50

Anonymous, $50

Adrienne Guelker and Richard Dotts, $25

Anonymous, $50

Roger Dankowsky, $20

Joe and Nancy Zipko, in memory of John Townsend, $50

The Mohr family, in memory of Margaret J. Mohr, $50

Debra and Ronald Tiano, $100

Anonymous, $50

David Burt, $50

Anonymous, $200

Marsha Knapik, $50

Carol A. Earliwine, in memory of husband, Dick, $20

Linda Wherry, in memory of Madalyn Horency, $50

Joanne Duntz, $30

Wayne and Judy Masquelier, $30

David Cushma, in memory of mother, Frances Cushma, $25

Anonymous, $50

Richard and Carol Balaz, in memory of Sandy and Mary Ellen Hummell, $100

WPT&E (Washington Professional Tool & Equipment), $100

Lagonda Homemakers, $50

Joyce and Janine Skirchak, in loving memory of parents, Nick and Josephine Y. Skirchak, $30

Joan and Jay Helsel, $50

The Wong family, $50

Diane Buchner and John White, $50

Richard and Cathleen Allinder, $100

Patricia Fratini, $25

Martha Polen, $50

Anonymous, $160

Holly Hendrix Schneider, $1,000

Heidi Pankopf, $50

Victor and Laura Perri, $50

Patricia A. Brletic, $100

Garvin and Rosalyn Putt, $100

David and Judith Davis, $25

Della Hritsko, $50

William and Linda Jo Wolfe, $25

Howard and Shirley Carl, $50

Eric Held, $50

Twila and Jordan Cain, $50

Ron and Linda Luisi, $25

Carolyn Casciola, $50

John and Barbara Snyder, $100

Charles and Peggy White, in memory of Raymond and Mary Kifer, $100

Michael and Elizabeth Bradwell, $100

John and Denise Quayle, $100

Marie Higgins, $30

Holly Lincoln, $50

Jarol Devoge, $100

Michael J. Poness, $30

Anna Batson, in loving memory of Arthur R. Batson, $50

Anonymous, in memory of Byron Smialek, $50

Gerald and Mary Chambers, $100

Robert and Violet Azman, $25

Ruth Miles, $25

Nancy and David Rubis, $100

Rose Gillespie and Diane Smykal, $30

Bart and Angela Raitano, $5

Linda Hainer, $20

James Irey, $25

Stephen and Katharine Stayduhar, $50

Deborah Standiford, $100

James McDonald, $300

Lower Ten Mile Presbyterian Church, $250

Bonnie McClure, $50

David and Diana Meeks, $100

John M. and Rana Grossman Tonti, $50

Michael and Michelle Vereb, $50

Beverly Pabian, $25

Elden Morris and Pamela Jones, $100

David and Deborah Dague, $50

Ed and Bonnie Horency, $20

Joseph Progar Jr. and Kathleen Progar, $40

William and Rosemarie Boswell, $20

Robert and Mildred Brownlee, $50

Bob and Rhonda McDonald and family, $50

John and Lauretta Darby, $100

Marianne Povich, $40

Elizabeth Hayman, $75

Corinne and George Linck, $50

James and Lisa Novak, $50

Dorothy Dillemuth, $200

Allan Junker, $200

Allan Zimmerman, $100

Alice and Terry Oblock, $20

TOPS PA 1641 Washington, $100

Susan Yeager, $50

Edward and Mary Vensko, $50

Paul and Christine McNeely, $20

Frances Rugg, $25

Thomas and Claire Zofchak, $30

Daralyn and Wesley Campbell, $100

Dennis Thomas, $50

David and Aryiro Spencer, in memory of Alex Spencer, $25

James E. Craig III and Sandra Curtis Craig, $100

Jacquely Marisa and Rudolph Marisa Jr., $50

Mark and Donna Kirschner, $30

Steve and Louvilla Skariot, $50

Joan Steiminger and Frank J. Steiminger Jr., $50

David and Beverly Reck, $50

William and Deborah Murdock, $100

Joyce and Patrck Eagan, $30

Robert and Marie Ewing, in memory of parents, Homer and Lil Ewing and James Carroll, $75

Barbara J. Noble, $30

Sue T. Beels, $100

Rosemary Kosiorek and Maureen Wack, $75

James Rupert, $250

Margaret and Richard Irey, $100

David Mazon, $600

Knights of Columbus Washington Council 1083, $200

Julie and Michael McLaughlin, $200

Chrome Federal Credit Union, $250

All Saints Greek Orthodox Church Philoptochos Society, $100

Ruth Nagy, $50

Robert Garrity, $50

Robert and Sandra Reck, $25

Carol Barnes, $50

Susan George, $25

Joseph and Eva Borwn, $50

Loretta Couts, $25

Carl W. Russell, $100

Dale and Sharon Whitmer, $100

Thomas and Patricia Manko, $30

Janice L. Swart, $20

Sally Pallesco, $20

Virginia Ullom, in memory of K. John Ullom, $30

Kathy Morris, in memory of Frank A. Morris Jr., $25

John and Marian Wagner and grandkids, Lizzy, Joey and Bliss Mounts, and Wyatt Clark, $100

Carole Pankas, in memory of John D. Pankas, $100

Ron’s Self Storage Inc., $100

Frank Byrd, $20

Anonymous, $200

Ronald Paul Matteson, $50

West Washington United Methodist Church, $25

Tom and Judy Humprheys, $40

Debra Rhone, $50

Mt. Calvary EV Lutheran Church, in memory of Jim Jefferson, $500

Knights of Columbus Canonsburg Council 3291, $100

Theresa Shape, $30

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