Employment/Assignment History

St. Thomas Aquinas, California (8/1985-8/1991)


In March 2009, a report was made to the Diocese of Pittsburgh of sexual abuse committed by Father John J. Huber when he served as the pastor at St. Canice. An adult male reported that when he was in fourth or fifth grade, another priest by the name of Father Adams had touched him in his genital area. Sometime later, the boy went to confession and told Huber that he may be attracted to men. Huber responded that he should attend one-on-one counseling sessions. During one of those sessions, Huber performed oral sex on him and then gave him $20.00 afterwards. The male stated that this occurred on more than one occasion.

On March 30, 2009, counsel for the Diocese sent a letter to the Allegheny County District Attorney's Office, advising of the allegations.

This summary is taken directly from the Grand Jury investigation into sexual abuse claims at Pennsylvania Catholic dioceses. For the full report, click here.

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