Employment/Assignment History

Immaculate Conception, Washington (10/06/1955-4/10/1960)


Diocesan records contained a handwritten letter dated June 15, 1996 indicating that the Diocese of Pittsburgh had received a telephone call from a 47 -year -old female who stated that she and her sister were molested by Father George Kurutz in the late 1950's and early 1960's. The caller stated that Kurutz came into a room and laid with her. He put his hands under her shirt and squeezed her close to him. She stated that their mother sent them with Kurutz to his new parish in New Castle when she was in sixth grade. She believed that is when he laid with her and fondled her. She reported that more serious incidents occurred with her sister. She also advised that her sister walked in on their mother performing oral sex on Kurutz. Her sister stated, "Mother knew what was going on and she did nothing to stop it, no one helped me."

This summary is taken directly from the Grand Jury investigation into sexual abuse claims at Pennsylvania Catholic dioceses. For the full report, click here.

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