Mental Health Matters Podcast: EAP Part 4


As part of our year-long Mental Health Matters series, staff writer David Singer has created a four-part podcast examining one of the mental health services offered by Washington Health System–the Employee Assistance Program (EAP).

In this final episode leading into Sunday’s online and print summary, Singer talks to Trenna Passalacqua, Vice President of human resources at Community Action Southwest, and how she sees EAP as a crucial service for the company’s employees.


• Passalacqua said many social workers and managers don’t come on board at first with the diverse needs of today’s society, namely time management and emotional intelligence in stressful situations.

• Grief counseling is an often overlooked benefit from EAP Services.

• Supervisory and leadership styles can clash, and EAP can be a way to sort them out.

• Employees often report they’re hopeful EAP would continue to be offered, and further share their experiences of improved self-care with mental health issues.

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