“She Shed.” The term became “a thing” in 2015 and has only grown in popularity since 2018 after the “She Shed” insurance commercial went viral. Since then, the idea of creating a space for women outside of the house has exploded and they are not going anywhere anytime soon. Studioshed.com expresses it best: “An emerging trend in home design, the She Shed is the female-centric alternative to the popular man cave.”

Women everywhere are transforming backyard storage sheds into mini marvels of self-expression and tranquility, and for good reason. The solitude and peace of being surrounded by all the things you love in a quaint and private space sounds ideal to anybody.

If a She Shed sounds appealing, there are a few things to consider.

First things first: permits. Be sure to check your local municipality to confirm whether or not a building permit is required. This is crucial. While most rural areas don’t require building permits for a shed, some areas and homeowner associations do. You want to ensure any investment you make in your property is counted toward your home’s value.

To match or not to match? Let your She-Shed be an area of self-expression. While a coordinated shed design that matches the home may be the perfect fit for some, it may not be for others. If your She-Shed is close to the house, a coordinated design is best. However, if your She-Shed is further away, make it your own, no matter the design of your home.

Revamping an old shed? Perhaps my favorite approach is taking something old and making it feel new. This is super easy and budget- friendly. A fresh coat of paint goes a long way. Some greenery and flowered plants can create depth and dimension even around the smallest of spaces. On the inside, whether a big plush couch or a couple of comfortable chairs, you’ll want seating space to relax. Add a couple of pillows and a throw blanket to turn your space from cold to cozy instantly. Don’t forget the smell: Adding a candle can make all the difference. For decor, find pieces that give you that warm feeling and display them with pride. This is your space after all – be sure it feels that way!

You can spend thousands on new construction, but there are also plenty of far cheaper prefabricated sheds available with factory-made components that ensure fast and easy assemblage. Nowadays, you can even buy sheds through online sites such as Amazon for as low as $600. Or, perhaps you already have materials lying around that you can repurpose and just need the framing materials. Shed framing kits can be ordered for as little as $60. With that price, the options are truly endless.

While going out and buying a new She Shed may not add value to your home, revamping a rundown storage shed certainly will. Smaller homes with limited storage space can see an increase of 1 to 2% in their home value thanks to the shed.

If entertaining will be part of your plans, equip your space for all the festivities. Add a mini fridge, a mini bar, or some chic wine glasses to your She Shed. A little bit of lighting goes a long way and is also a budget-friendly way to add a soothing ambiance to your space. A couple of outdoor chairs around the entry way can make a space feel inviting. Consider adding a fire pit or fire tables. They’re quick, easy and immediately create a welcoming space for you and your loved ones to gather around.

Whether you’re looking for a reprieve from the daily hustle and bustle of everyday life or looking for a cozy space for you and your girlfriends to have some privacy, consider a She Shed. Versatile, affordable, and an easy option, a She Shed may be just the touch your backyard needs!

Casey Caudill is a Realtor for SWC Realty – Washington, PA. She can be reached at ccaudill@swcrealty.com/.

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