Greene County deed transfers


The following property transfers have been recorded in the Greene County Recorder of Deeds office the week of Sept. 9.

Cumberland Township

Myron L. Iams to Jeff T. Oliver, Lot 2 in Fairground Addition, $145,000.00 (9-1-21)

Barbara A. Walters, et ux., to Ryan Rahl, et ux., 2 Tracts, $30,000.00 (9-7-21)

Franklin Township

L. Thomas Maley, et al., to Craig Maley, et ux., 2 Tracts, $18,750.00 (9-2-21)

Trenton J. Phillips to Ashley J. Howard-Gallagher, 2 Tracts, $175,000.00 (9-2-21)

Freeport, Jackson and Springhill Townships

Zachary Przysiecki, et ux., to Three Rivers Royalty LLC, Tracts, O&G, $15,195.72 (9-3-21)

Theodore Przysiecki to Three Rivers Royalty LLC, Tracts, O&G, $15,195.72 (9-3-21)

Monongahela Township

Zachary Lee Turner to Zachary Lee Turner, et ux., 3.2215 Acres, $9,078.00 (9-1-21)

Holly Bird, et ux., to Dorothy Hanley, 3 Lots, $35,000.00 (9-7-21)

Morgan Township

Roy E. Tedrow, Sr., to Kenneth Cline, Lot 314 in Mather, $8,500.00 (9-1-21)

Morris Township

Consol Pennsylvania Coal Co LLC, et ux., to Chris Allan Stockdale, et al., 90.19 Acres, $142,188.00 (9-2-21)

Perry Township

Carl P. Redding, et ux., to Kierston D. Lemon, et ux., .704 Acre, $123,000.00 (9-1-21)

Rices Landing Borough

Thomas M. Estate, et ux., to Bradmon’s LLC, et ux., Lots 36-47 in Teal Heights, $35,000.00 (9-1-21)

Springhill Township

Louise C. Glash to Windridge Minerals, 76 Acres, O&G, $400.00 (9-7-21)

Judy A. Tritchler to Windridge Minerals, 76 Acres, O&G, $200.00 (9-7-21)

Bobbi Jo Craynon to Windridge Minerals, 76 Acres, O&G, $100.00 (9-7-21)

Wayne Township

Martin Tucker Brown to AMP IV LP, 12 Acres, O&G, $98,400.00 (9-7-21)

Waynesburg Borough

James Enterprise FLP to James D. Triano, Jr., et ux., .102 Acre, $5,000.00 (9-1-21)

Valerie A. Mathason to John-Glen Davis, Lot, $60,000.00 (9-2-21)

New Leaf Property Development LLC to JBDB Enterprises INC, Lot 2 in Fisher Plan, $30,000.00 (9-7-21)

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