Greene County deed transfers


The following property transfers have been recorded in the Greene County Recorder of Deeds office the week of March 25:

Aleppo Township

Kurt T. Barnes, et ux., to Stephen A. Morgan, et ux., 3 Tracts, $300,000.00 (3-19-21)

Cumberland Township

Robert L. Swestyn by Agent, et al., to Kyle C. Shultz, Lot, $90,000.00 (3-18-21)

Capital Services Inc., to Steve Morris, et ux., Lot 5 in Downey Plan, $8,000.00 (3-19-21)

Dunkard Township

Michael David Mateleska, et ux., to Brian McCorkle, et ux., Lot 145 in Bobtown, $20,000.00 (3-17-21)

Edward F. Jernell, et ux., to Darel P. Friffin, et ux., 4 Acres, $15,929.40 (3-19-21)

Charles A. Massengill, et ux., to Christopher Leigh Byers, et al., Lot 250 in Bobtown, $40,000.00 (3-22-21)

Jared T. Ealy, et ux., to Nakia Pavone, et ux., Lot 37 in Bobtown, $1,000.00 (3-23-21)

Franklin and Whiteley townships

William J. Crayne, et ux., to EQM Gathering OPCO LLC, R/W, $11,554.00 (3-22-21)

Gray Township

Armina R. Carpenter, et ux., to David W. Ross, et ux., 1.448 Acres, $1,500.00 (3-32-21)

Jefferson Township

James L. Ketchem, et ux., to Shelby L. Russ, et ux., Lots 10-12 in Second Addition Grandview, $120,000.00 (3-19-21)

Richhill Township

Nicholas Marcucci, et ux., to Levi Weight, .506 Acre, $5,000.00 (3-22-21)

Springhill Township

Anthony F. Long to EQT Production Company, 3 Tracts, O&G, $536.35 (3-18-21)

Waynesburg Borough

Nicole L. Morris to Kirby L. Owens, et ux., .102 Acre, $31,000.00 (3-23-21)

Whiteley Township

Claughton Chapel United Methodist Church to The Mineral Company, .90 Acre, O&G, $6,300.00 (3-18-21)

Nancy Nielsen to RAS Investments LLC, 180.025 Acres, O&G, $22,503.00 (3-22-21)

Thomas O. Bringar, III, et ux., to RAS Investments LLC, 61.47 Acres, O&G, $2,695.00 (3-22-21)

Deken R. Wilson to RAS Investments LLC, 61.47 Acres, O&G, $1,347.50 (3-22-21)

Stephen R. Wilson to RAS Investments LLC, 61.47 Acres, O&G, $4,321.00 (3-22-21)

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