Greene County deed transfers


The following property transfers were recorded the week of July 16 in the Greene County Recorder of Deeds:

Aleppo Township

Lee Ann Christopher, et ux., to Consol Pennsylvania Coal Co LLC, et al., 69.27 Acres, $410,000.00 (7-14-20)

Cumberland Township

John E. Lash, et ux., to Jason N. Yokobosky, et ux., 2.427 Acres, $297,000.00 (7-10-20)

Dunkard Township

Herschel F. Mathews, Sr., Estate, et al., to Matthew E. Wilson, et ux., 40 Acres, $320,00.00 (7-10-20)

Jeffrey Hutchison A/K/A Jeffrey Hutchinson, to Hannah L. Dingle, et ux., Lot 69 in Bobtown, $88,000.00 (7-14-20)

Franklin, Gilmore, Morris, Springhill, Freeport, Jackson and Washington Townships

Holly R. Brulia to Three Rivers Royalty LLC, Tracts, O&G, $14,588.52 (7-10-20)

Freeport Township

Joseph John, II to David E. Piper, et ux., 1.001 Acres, $10,210.56 (7-10-20)

Jefferson Township

Marvin D Knight by Atty-In-Fact, et al., to Howard E. Dohn, Jr., et ux., Tract, $3,500.00 (7-10- 20)

Joseph D. Norton, Jr., et ux., Kathleen R. Demchak-Goughenour, et ux., 32.70 Acres, $70,000.00 (7-15-20)

Joyce E. Cooper to Rice Drilling B LLC, Lots, O&G, $519.30 (7-15-20)

Laci J. Myers A/K/A Laci J. Ludrosky, et ux., to Daniel Lee Shuckhart, et ux., 2 Lots, $65,000.00 (7-16-20)

Perry Township

Belko LLC to The H T Hackney Co, et al., 9.846 Acres, $1,800,000.00 (7-14-20)

Richhill Township

Salatore F. Nicotera, et ux., to Michael Brady, et ux., 14.510 Acres, Und. 1⁄2 Interest, $22,500.00 (7-13-20)

Springhill Township

Pikewood Energy Corporation to Three Rivers Royalty LLC, 23.16 Acres, O&G, $8,025.36 (7-10-20)

Pikewood Energy Corporation to Three Rivers Royalty LLC, 169.85 Acres, O&G, $44,139.52 (7-10-20)

Washington Township

Samuel W. Dulaney to Anthony Franell, et ux., 2 Tracts, $50,000.00 (7-14-20)

Nathan S. Borovichka, et ux., to Pure Bred Holdings LLC, 18.876 Acres, $170,000.00 (7-15-20)

Wayne Township

Charles A. Massengill, et ux., to Donald Dash, 2 Acres, $15,250.00 (7-15-20)

Lynne M. Harris, et ux., to Rice Drilling B LLC, 69.227 Acres, O&G, $9,699.39 (7-15-20)

Cheryl K. West to Rice Drilling B LLC, 69.227 Acres, O&G, $9,699.38 (7-15-20)

Whiteley Township

David E. O’Donnell, et ux., to Rice Drilling B LLC, 12.533 Acres, O&G, $62,665.00 (7-15-20)

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