June 2

Britton, Jacob Andrew of Canonsburg and Jacquelyn Crystal Timmins of Canonsburg

Holmes, Ronald Arthur of Eighty Four and Terry Lynn Tosi of Eighty Four

Wilt, John Stephen Jr. of Charleroi and Eugenia Ellen Manganas of Canonsburg

Mucha, Brian Martin of Canonsburg and Lacey Danielle Archibeque of Canonsburg

Bova, Edward Evon of Coudersport and Tylyn Renae Knapp of Coudersport

Glenn, Carter Lee of McMurray and Charity Ann Jenkins of Pittsburgh

Churney, Jason Michael of Eighty Four and Melinda Jean Brandt of Eighty Four

King, James Wesley of Charleroi and Christine Renee King of Charleroi

McMasters, Kenneth Peter of Washington and Serena Nicole Stout of Washington

Pauley, Garry Matthew of Finleyville and Jerri Lee Krempasky of Finleyville

Furiga, Justin of Pittsburgh and Shanna Erin Reese of Pittsburgh

Daloia, Chad Leonard of Washington and Courtney Nicole Blackhurst of Washington

Phillips, Daniel Franklin III of Brownsville and Jennifer Lyn Paroda of Brownsville

Jackson, Raymond Clyde of Monroeville and Deloris Amelia Gibbs of Canonsburg

McClain, Michael Joseph of Pittsburgh and Erin Michelle Collins of Pittsburgh

Davis, Max Austin of Hickory and Megan Ann Cowden of McDonald

Eiter, Thomas Charles of McMurray and Laurie Sue Bresselsmith of McMurray

Queen, Ashton Meade of Buckhannon, W.Va., and Jessica Rose Scalise of Aliquippa

Package, Cody Thomas of Charleroi and Tailor Layne Hines of Charleroi

Curtis, Jeffrey Scott of Eighty Four and Marcy Dora Sullivan of Eighty Four

Gaines, Ryan Patric of Washington and Kaitlyn Noelle Durco of Washington

Graham, Douglas Shane of Washington and Joelle Pamela Gregor of Washington

Parks, Charles Sterling of Washington and Malika Azizi Marsh of Washington

Cellone, Kevin John of Canonsburg and Emile Rebecca Kuhn of Canonsburg

Carl, James Paul of Washington and Harmony Anne Craft of Washington

Marsh, Adam Scott of Moatsville, W.Va., and Stacy Kay Roupe of Moatsville, W.Va.

Huweart, Ronald Lee of Coal Center and Cristy Nicole Haughey of Coal Center

June 5

Martinez, David Brandon Daniel of Titusville, Fla., and Christina Lee Mangola of Cranberry Township

Kolodychak, Patrick John of North Charleroi and Karie Marie Sickels of North Charleroi

Plants, Harold Russell of Washington and Patricia Lee Cox of Washington

Keenan, Matthew Ryan of Alexandria, Va., and Brittany Nicole Houston of Alexandria, Va.

Elliott, Michael of Prosperity and Reda Lynn Montgomery of Prosperity

Porter, Matthew David of Canonsburg and Kala Ann Morris of Monongahela

Nelson, Louise Brand of Washington and Arlene Betarie of Washington

Sivetz, Evan Thomas of Bethel Park and Jessica Elaine Froetschel of Bethel Park

June 6

Yonkers, Troy Darrin of New Eagle and Donna Marie Poturich of New Eagle

Seto, Andrew George of Donora and Deborah Jo Grote of Donora

Teo, Antonio Spencer of Ambridge and MacKenzie Aryn Brown of Ambridge

Levers, Joshua Seth of Bentleyville and Deonnia Paxton of Bentleyville

Stonesifer, Cody Alan of Bentleyville and Krista Lee Swiger of Bentleyville

Ondrik, Ashley Elizabeth of Martins Ferry, Ohio, and Tamika Channelle Lindsey of Martins Ferry, Ohio

Nelson, Ernest Yngve of Denbo and Stephen Douglas Kovach of Denbo

Lemley, Robert Raymond III of North Charleroi and Brittany Beth Romito of North Charleroi

Taylor, Robert John of Midway and Brandy Nichole Gent of Midway

McCormick, Morgan Arley of Wheeling, W.Va., and Jenna Marie Provenzano of Wheeling, W.Va.

Coit, Kevin Edward of Bentleyville and Vickie Lynn Dague of Bentleyville

June 9

Held, Quintin Joseph of Oakdale and Alayne Nicole Johnson of Oakdale

Rotellini, Michael Joe of Avella and Kayla Marie Smith of Langeloth

Hagan, Michael Lawrence Jr. of Washington and Nakia Latise Carter of Washington

Donolo, Nathan Cody of Carnegie and Abigail Amelia Bishop of Baden

Graham, John Arthur of Venetia and Katie Elizabeth Brenner of Venetia

Adams, Jaime Scott of Carnegie and Sierra Lynn Tarbox of Carnegie

Mucci, Renee Lynee of Monongahela and Mary Rose Amendola of Monongahela

Booher, Donald William of Washington and Christina Marie Rhodes of Washington

Lieb, Ryan Francis of Canonsburg and Rebecca Isabelle Meyers of Canonsburg

Ardeno, Kory James of Washington and Brittany Marie Wilson of Marianna

Friend, David Harold Jr. of Washington and Jennifer McGrath Allison of Washington

Waychoff, Joshua David of Finleyville and Stephanie Lynn Erlich of Finleyville

Neel, Ryan Howard of West Mifflin and Emily Kathryn Johnson of West Mifflin

Allen, Christopher Lee of South Park and Kelly Rose Clarke of South Park

Owczarzak, Timothy Dale of Canonsburg and Michelle Rae Hymson of McMurray

Vogt, Erik Thomas of Venetia and Christina Louise Hlavinka of Venetia

Deer, Scott Russell of Burgettstown and Nicole Marie Brown of Avella

Hanning, Charles Randall Sr. of Washington and Juanita Louise Moschell of Washington

Patterson, Steven Alan of Fredericksburg, Va., and Shannon Marie Simmons of Fredericksburg, Va.

Crouch, John Joseph of Claysville and Christine Lynn Davis of Claysville

Cork, Rodney Allen of McMechen, W.Va., and Darlene Ann Deventura of Washington

Hammond, Thomas Joseph of Burgettstown and Megan Rebecca Sparks of Claysville

Stadtfeld, Jonathan Lee of Washington and Brittney Alexandria Johnston of Canonsburg

Gehrke, Timothy Ryan of Pennsylvania and Aleea Nichelle Yevins of Washington

Zavallo, Marc Louis Jr. of Washington and Emerald Ann Wingard of Sewickley

June 10

Holman, Amber Shenea of Fort Eustis, Va., and Brittany Nicole Porter of Columbus, Ohio

June 12

Mitchell, Clifford Jay of Ellsworth and Leya Rae Hemphill of Eighty Four

Navarro, Eliseo of Monaca and Jessica Viveros of Canonsburg

Bock, Anthony David of Washington and Melissa Beth Plants of Washington

Fleming, John Foley of Claysville and Helen Marie Musolino of Claysville

Kress, George Anthony of Eighty Four and Debra Ann Kress of Eighty Four

Utah, Jared Edward of Cincinnati and Kylene Erin Blackburn of Cincinnati

Robich, Dennis Raymond of South Park and Misty Lynn Crosby of South Park

Poland, Jeremy Michael of Charleroi and Janelle Rebecca Cooke of Charleroi

Fine, Zachary Roger of Finleyville and Laura Elizabeth Degnan of Finleyville

Benson, Kevin Michael of Lawrence and Karen Marie Zalom of Lawrence

June 13

Burk, Austin Matthew of Hickory and Haley Elizabeth Conner of Donora

Barnes, Wardell David III of Grindstone and Jamie Lynn Palmer of Washington

Jones, Seth Michael of Daytona Beach, Fla., and Selina Amber Pantely of Daytona Beach, Fla.

Sanger, Matthew James of Columbus, Ohio, and Jennifer Nora Felizardo of Columbus, Ohio

Segelken, Colton Chelsey of Canonsburg and Samantha Nichole Haggerty of Canonsburg

Cain, Arthur Ray Jr. of Washington and Amanda Marie Bechen of Washington

McClay, David Richard of Washington and Jane Elizabeth Evans of Washington

McWreath, Ryan Patrick of Belle Vernon and Joelle Lynn Cramer of Belle Vernon

June 16

Hill, Frank of Pittsburgh and Tomica Toshawn Rhodes of Washington

Lindner, Mark Steven of McDonald and Sandra Jean Lindner of McDonald

Shawley, Gary Allen of Donora and Sarah Marie McMahon of Donora

Malinak, Steven Matthew of McMurray and Deborah Polvani Sunderland of McMurray

Martin, Andrew Albert of Canonsburg and Kelly Ann Link of Eighty Four

Rullo, David Anthony of Bridgeville and Katherine Hope Mee Lally of Bridgeville

Ruetschi, Zachary Tyler of West Alexander and Allison Marie White of Triadelphia, W.Va.

Schantz, Gales Timothy Nicholas of Oakdale and Kayla Dale Seibel of Burgettstown

Murphy, Brandon Allen of Donora and Tiffany Nicole Telegraphis of Donora

Courtwright, Kevin Robert of Washington and Angela Dawn Devenney of Washington

Young, Andrew Shekou of Tucson, Ariz., and Shauna Marie Marski of Tucson, Ariz.

Lohr, Adam Brenton of McDonald and Alyssa Brooke Crile of Washington

Foster, Christopher Loyal of McDonald and Chelsea Lynn Brownlee of McDonald

Bellamy, Neil George of Donora and Kira Lynn Bobeck of Donora

Larkin, Wilbur Lee of Donora and Milfred Lillian Schiffer of Monongahela

Clark, David Roger of Hilliard, Ohio, and Molly Ann Morton of Hilliard, Ohio

Mazzola, John Vincent of Bethel Park and Kathleen Mary Bonosky of Bethel Park

Ewing, Nancy Gayl of Pittsburgh and Mary Louise Ruttle of Pittsburgh

Staub, Anthony Michael of Charleroi and Jessica Helene Rozik of Charleroi

Fish, Jonathan Richard of Washington and Shannon Marie Howard of Washington

Hayes, Brian James of Bridgeville and Lauren Alicia Latinovich of Bridgeville

Elko, John Michael of Prosperity and Beth Ann Busch of Prosperity

McMullen, George William of Washington and Billie Jo Turk of Washington

McKee, Jesse Shayne of Washington and Ashley Morgan Burris of West Liberty, W.Va.

Wyland, Joshua David of Washington and Annamarie Joan Moraytis of Washington

June 19

Forbes, David Grank of Woodbridge, Va., and Ashley Lillawalla Acosta of Woodbridge, Va.

Piazza, Samuel of Canonsburg and Charles Henry Shannon of Canonsburg

Brace, Christopher of Venetia and Lynn Marie Kraushaar of Venetia

Mezynski, Steven Gregory of Donora and Samantha Jean Simpson of Donora

Amato, Justin Charles Anthony of Pittsburgh and Kali Nicole Norman of Pittsburgh

Staley, Patrick Daniel of Canonsburg and Janice Ann Walbrown of Canonsburg

Yoest, Ryan Michael of Claysville and Michelle Lynn Jamison of Washington

Moore, Daniel Patrick of Avella and Jodie Lee Slagle of Avella

Allison, Robert Bruce II of Washington and Hillary Ann Faryna of Ellsworth

Abercrombie, Nara Leigh of Columbus, Ohio, and Jami Byrd Page of Columbus, Ohio

Rogers, Cody David of Washington and Amy Diane Beck of West Alexander

Dille, Christopher Blaine of Valley Grove, W.Va., and Ashley Ann Longwell of Benwood, W.Va.

June 20

Stewart, Paul Albert of St. Peters, Mo., and Katie Lynn Heinlein of Claysville

Lindgren, Thomas John of Ambridge and Jennifer Lynn Watson of Bridgeville

Welch, Ross Scott of Bridgeport, Ohio, and Rodney Jay Davis of Bridgeport, Ohio

Mathies, Ian James of Finleyville and Charnele Nicole Zukauckas of Monongahela

Cushey, Shawn Samuel of Washington and Heather Sue Edwards of Washington

Rabe, Douglas Elliot of Washington and Doris Jean Gulutz of Washington

Coester, Robert Lee II of South Park and Arianna Violet Yaroscak of South Park

Tonti, Zachary Mark of Houston and Devon Marie Diesel of Houston

June 23

Wallace, Kevin Patrick of Silver Spring, Md., and Heather Lee Verna of Silver Spring, Md.

Drakeley, Timothy James of Canonsburg and Erin Nichole Lawrence of Canonsburg

Klinsky, Gary Regis of Charleroi and Winona Marie Redd of Charleroi

Rodriguez, Andrew Miles of Avalon and Jessica Lynn Kocent of Avalon

Dugan, Timothy David of South Park and Talia Nicole Daley of South Park

Stoner, Lane Scott of Washington and Chrissa Walker Sullivan of Pittsburgh

Saunders, Bradley Scott of Lakeland, Fla., and Stephanie Marie Walther of Washington

Guappone, Michael John Jr. of Charleroi and Kristy Ann Baumgardner of Charleroi

Strang, Douglas William of Bluffton, S.C., and Amber Lynn Mumbray of Bluffton, S.C.

Chapman, Barry Scott of Eighty Four and Amy Ellen Mikec Crichfield of Eighty Four

Haines, William G. Jr. of Finleyville and Pong Hui Landolina of Finleyville

Kershaw, Damon Lavar of Monongahela and Amber Lynne Loulis of Monongahela

Guajardo, James Wesley of Washington and Kimberly Arlena Lee of Prosperity

Cress, Travis James of Washington and Carrie Lynn Shoemaker of Washington

Kramm, Letitia of Zanesville, Ohio, and Carlie Lauren King of Zanesville, Ohio

Lancaster, Brandon Michael of Weirton, W.Va., and Megan Elizabeth Angelo of Cecil

DeCorral, Daniel Avelino of Brooklyn, N.Y., and Kathleen Elizabeth Murphy of Brooklyn, N.Y.

Orenbaun, Justin Matthew of Houston and Ashley May Haines of Houston

Rado, Matthew Willis of Avella and Katrina Lynn Rado of Avella

Srsic, Timothy Paul of Pittsburgh and Erin Marie Lemon of Pittsburgh

Cope, Andrew James of Imperial and Jenna Rae Boyce of Imperial

Pasquale, Michael James of Weirton, W.Va., and Rebecca Lynn Grubick of Weirton, W.Va.

Klorczyk, Theodore Adam of Monongahela and Krista Marie Krosoff of Monongahela

Statterfield, Tyrell Allen of Monessen and Tanya Lynn Tarpley of Monessen

Devore, Matthew Russell of Washington and Jessica Michelle Nicolella of Washington

Gutwein, Jacob Michael of Crafton and Megan Marie Gryziec of Pittsburgh

June 26

Hernandez, Wilfredo of Washington and Elvira Hernandez of Washington

Trbovich, Justin Edward of New Port Richey, Fla., and Tasha Danielle Sammons of New Port Richey, Fla.

Naseer, Imran of Scenery Hill and Aleah Marie Siwiak of Charleroi

Robey, Jessica Lynn of Carmichaels and Marcie Lynn Neal of Carmichaels

Lindley, Ronald Allen of Eighty Four and Jo Ann Edna McKeta of Eighty Four

Holmes, Damon Michael of Canonsburg and Chylise Leann Gostic of Canonsburg

Sharp, Cody Ryan of Springfield, Ohio, and Jordan Elliott Lusk of Springfield, Ohio

Podany, Gary Andrew of Charleroi and Kelli Ann Schell of Charleroi

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