Nov. 25
$250 name plaque showcased in The Capitol Theatre

Winner is: Lora Staranko

Nov. 26
First Aid Cabinet worth $250

Winner is: Debbie Brower

Nov. 27
Free Phone

Winner is: Randy Kime

Nov. 28
$250 Visa Gift Card

Winner is: Kathleen Williams

Nov. 29
Deck the Halls Package

Winner is: Trudy Kosey

Nov. 30
$250 Gift Card

Winner is: Annette Tharp

Dec. 1
A variety of gift cards, totalling $250

Winner is: Robert Wichterman

Dec. 2
Fabulous Prize

Winner is: Sandra Hanna

Dec. 3
$250 Gift Certificate towards a SurfaceCare Interior and Exterior Protection Package

Winner is: Gloria Swan

Dec. 4
$500 Flooring Gift Certificate

Winner is: Frank Jakiel

Dec. 5
Studio 7 Gift Basket

Winner is: Lisa Lutz

Dec. 6
$250 Gift Certificate to use on anything, including membership

Winner is: Norma Bouchard

Dec. 7
$250 Gift Certificate

Winner is: John Dominick

Dec. 8
$200 Gift Card

Winner is: Shirley Eakin

Dec. 9
One night stay with Romance Package and a $100 gift card to Jackson's Restaurant + Bar

Winner is: Howard Dunmire

Dec. 10
Gift Basket

Winner is: Jamie Zofchak

Dec. 11
Gift Basket

Winner is: Mary Beth Craig

Dec. 12
$200 Gift Card

Winner is: Kate McNary

Dec. 13
Gift Basket

Winner is: Erika Huranna

Dec. 14
Various gift cards and prizes

Winner is: Patti Meloy

Dec. 15
Gift Basket

Winner is: Steve Garbinski

Dec. 16
$250 Cash

Winner is: Paige Smith

Dec. 17
$250 Cash

Winner is: Bernadine Ryan

Dec. 18
Foursome of Golf - valued at $300

Winner is: Peter Coppola

Dec. 19
Gift Basket

Winner is: Sara Morgan

Dec. 20
$250 Gift Card

Winner is: Elaine Christy

Dec. 21
Craftsman Steel Top Tool Chest with Steel Rolling Tool Cabinet

Winner is: Terri Stolze

Dec. 22
$500 Flooring Gift Certificate

Winner is: Shawn Caffrey

Dec. 23
Seven Springs Package

Winner is: Carolyn Behanna

Dec. 24
$500 donation to the winner's charity of choice

Winner is: Susan Strnisha