Laura Zoeller is a farm wife and mother who has been blessed with a wonderful – and funny - life.

My husband and I each have our morning routines.

Every day, he awakes and comes downstairs to watch the weather. He needs to see the most-up-to-date forecast he can so that he can plan his days. This time of year, it also helps him determine how many layers of clothes to wear.

My routine for weekdays is 15 minutes of exercise followed by a shower, tossing food into a sack for lunch, and leaving before anyone else is up. My weekend routine consists of making a pot of coffee and enjoying it while my husband watches the news, often before the kids are awake.

This week, our routines were both thrown out of whack. That’s because, this week our television set went bad. The screen went black and we couldn’t get the picture to come back. While my hubby watched the weather on the upstairs television, I watched YouTube videos on my phone showing several different hacks for getting the picture back.

My son helped me unplug and replug the set. We used a pen to press the reset button on the back of the TV. We followed instructions for a different type of reset that included pressing the home button, followed by the up button, rewind button and then the fast forward button a specific number of times and in a specific order. We completed the ritual with a secret handshake, just for good measure.

Still no luck.

The next video I found seemed to provide the answer. Looking at the screen from a certain angle, you could see that the TV was indeed on. The video suggested the back lights were the problem. Unfortunately, the solution involved taking the television apart, removing wires, disconnecting everything and changing the LEDs.

So, like I said, the TV went bad.

Unless anyone knows of a television repairman in the area? Please email me if you do.

We brought our much smaller television out of retirement until we decide whether or not to attempt the repairs or purchase a new set.

The smaller television was missing one vital piece: the power cord. After looking at the back of the little set to see what we were looking for, my son brought a cord that fit.

“Where did you get this?” I asked.

“From the kitchen,” he replied. “I think it came from the bad TV.”

It seemed plausible, so I plugged in the TV. I put batteries into its remote. I figured out how to get both our local channels plus access Netflix and Prime TV. Then, I called my husband down so we could get on with our weekend routine.

When I went to the kitchen to pour my coffee, my power cord was gone.

“There’s no way,” I thought.

I couldn’t help but look at the port where the cord plugs into the pot. It was the exact size and shape as the television power cord. It was inconceivable, but no less true, that the cord for the coffee pot was the way we were able utilize the television.

I ordered a new cord for the TV and planned to get up and make my coffee a few minutes early the next day. We can still enjoy our morning routine, just currently not at the same time.

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