It was the day after the big game and my co-workers still looked a little tired from Super Bowl LIV festivities the night before.

Still, nobody had called in sick as far as I could tell.

I read one survey that said more than 17 million Americans call in sick the day after the Super Bowl. I find that hard to believe – mainly because I can’t fathom how someone could really get away with it and secondly because I have no idea how the people who did that survey would have gleaned their information.

Are they calling all of our bosses and making a tally?

Since the game kicked off around 6:30 p.m., there was really no need to take off work the next day anyway unless Super Bowl Sunday was really being treated as a national holiday, which includes overindulging even more than on New Year’s Eve.

I thought the game itself was fantastic.

What a comeback by the Chiefs and what a close, exciting game played by two excellent teams.

I saw a lot of pregame hoopla written about Demi Lovato singing the national anthem and the U.S. Navy-Marine Corps flyover at the end of it. I saw many people comparing Lovato’s rendition of the national anthem to that of Whitney Houston, which is widely regarded as the greatest Super Bowl performance of the song.

I think Demi did a terrific job and it sounded very nice, but Whitney still takes the cake as far as I’m concerned – maybe because those of us old enough to remember actually watching it in 1991 before Super Bowl XXV also remember the significance of it as the United States was engaged with Iraq in Operation Desert Storm.

What disappointed me about this national anthem moment was that the TV network barely showed the four aircraft fly over Hard Rock Stadium more than two seconds in a wide shot and didn’t even give viewers a closeup or cutaway of the planes.


There’s been a lot written about the halftime show with Jennifer Lopez and Shakira with fans praising it as terrific and critics knocking it as too sexy. I thought it was terrific, fun and appropriately showcased the Latin music vibe, which is so prevalent in Miami. The choreography was amazing and really fun to watch.

Did you have a favorite Superbowl commercial?

I had to go online and watch some that I missed because I was working during the game. My favorite was the Jeep Groundhog Day ad. Not only do I love the movie starring Bill Murray and Punxsutawney Phil, but I thought the commercial was really clever and funny.

I heard some marketing expert on the radio the other day say any ad that’s really funny and memorable doesn’t do its job because it becomes more about entertainment than advertising.

For me, funny ads make me like the company and product.

But what do I know?

Overall, I still enjoyed this Super Bowl – even without the Steelers playing in it.

There’s always next year.

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