Have you “cut the cord” yet?

I’m wondering about cable television and the increasing practice of people getting rid of expensive monthly cable bills in favor of streaming television and movies with all sorts of contraptions with names like “firesticks.”

Every month, I open the cable bill, sigh then begrudgingly write the check. It keeps going up and they keep taking away channels, so I asked a tech-savvy buddy what it would take to “cut the cord.” I like to consider myself pretty tech savvy, and I do work in television, so I figured it would be pretty easy.

But after listening to him explain everything I would have to buy, sign up for, set up and learn to use, I decided I just can’t be bothered.

I like watching local news, network programs, cable news, the Weather Channel and way too much sports for my own good. Throw in HGTV and you have my perfect viewing lineup. Trying to get all of that without having to sign up for paid sports apps, streaming services and figuring out how it all works is enough to make my head hurt.

I just simply can’t be bothered.

I like flipping on the television and having everything right there for me. At this point, I guess I’m still willing to pay for convenience.

So until I “cut the cord,” don’t tell the cable folks that I’ve been playing with their cables inside my house and re-stringing where they go. It all started with me not liking the way I had my bedroom furniture set up and decided to move the bed against a different wall. That meant moving everything else around and trying to find a place for the chest of drawers that just won’t fit in the new setup. I wound up getting rid of the old piano, setting up a great “walk in closet” room and now have much more space in the newly reconfigured bedroom.

The only problem was the cable wire for my bedroom TV came up through a hole in the floor that was now on the wrong wall and across the doorway from where I now need it to be.

No problem, I simply went down into the basement, did some detective work and found said cable wire hidden up near the duct work. I gradually figured out where it had to go and managed to stuff it up through the other hole in the floor – where it apparently used to be decades ago.

I’m not sure if I was supposed to call the cable company to do this or if they would even care, but I now know if my other career doesn’t work out I probably have a future working for the cable company.

That is, until everyone cuts the cord.

Kristin Emery can be reached at kristinemery1@yahoo.com.

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