I’ve been making the rounds trying to promote my book, “All I Want for Christmas.” Recently, I booked “Spotlight on Pittsburgh,” with host Mandi Pryor. I’m hocking that book everywhere to anyone who will listen. Pretty soon, I’ll be on the corner in a trench coat whispering to strangers out of the corner of my mouth, “Hey, you wanna buy a book?”

But I digress, like I do. On “Spotlight on Pittsburgh,” Mandi talks to people who make Pittsburgh an interesting place, and she has interviewed many interesting and important people. She brought me on to skew the bell curve. Modesty prevents me from mentioning which direction.

I don’t want to spoil the magic of television, but Mandi films her show in the basement of the Peters Township High School. It is a beautiful set and, contrary to popular belief, it doesn’t smell like angst and gym socks. The set is awash in beautiful shades of blue. Mandi sits in a chair and her guests plop down on the sofa … aka the Killer Couch.

After watching an entertaining segment with Cori Wamsley who talked about her book, “The Spark Method: How to Write a Book for Your Business Fast,” I was asked to sit on the infamous couch.

The producer was adjusted my lav mic, that tiny microphone they clip to your lapel that looks like a black, morel mushroom. I had to sing my ABC’s for a mic check. For the record, I got the alphabet correct. I have lots of practice. I have to sing the ABC song every time I try to file something. Once the mic was secure, I positioned myself closer to Mandi. That’s when it happened.

I fell through the couch. The sofa, a love seat really, was completely hollow. Suddenly, my knees were parallel to my chin. I was trapped like Baby Jessica. Stuck in the sofa. The show’s producer and the crew had to pull me out.

Mandi laughed and recounted a story. My friends and fellow comedians Mike Sasson and Terry Jones were guests on an episode of “Spotlight on Pittsburgh” last year. During the show, Sasson fell through the hollow couch. He sat through the segment for a few minutes and continued to chat with Mandi and Terry. It’s hilarious and you should YouTube it (I just used YouTube as a verb and I’m feeling dirty).

This day, the couch claimed its second comedian.

Once I was pulled out of the innards of the furniture, the crew fixed the sofa, but I was nervous.

At one point, I fidgeted in my seat and my eyes widened. For a moment, I thought I would be swallowed up again – on air! The interview show took on a game show style. At any minute, I could go plummeting through the cushions! Cue the whammy sound: Wah-Wah.

Luckily, the couch didn’t try to eat me during the show.

If you get a chance to be a guest on “Spotlight on Pittsburgh,” beware the killer couch!

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