Well, it’s officially fall in the Zoeller house. The days are getting shorter, meaning the kids board the school bus in the dark in the mornings and chores are done in the dark in the evenings.

Not that I’m complaining about fall’s arrival, mind you. This summer was downright miserable at times, with the humidity and the heat combining to make one feel as though they were walking through a swimming pool all the time.

Along with more bearable temperatures, fall brings with it beautiful scenery, sweater season and socially acceptable hot beverage consumption. I like all of those things.

Now that the nights are cooler as well, it is time to start getting prepared for fall and winter in other ways, too. For example, the air conditioner came out of our bedroom window this weekend.

It is my opinion that the ceiling fan will be sufficient for the next several weeks. (At least until our wood stove gets fired up and we contemplate opening a window or two!)

I’m not sure my husband would agree with my assessment, however. He likes to sleep in arctic conditions. Much of the time, there’s an extra blanket on my side of the bed. It’s the only way we can share the space in mutual comfort. He may have continued to use the air conditioning for several weeks.

That is why I also rearranged the bedroom furniture, placing our headboard in front of the air conditioner window. That window is designated as such because the other window is on the weather side of the house and when the unit is in it, it is hard to prevent summer rains from blowing in around it.

It is highly unlikely that my husband will move the furniture, remove the screen, and dig the air conditioner back out of the closet. He will probably be a little disappointed though.

Our dog will likely be disappointed about the air conditioner storage, too. We stick it in the bottom of our closet where he likes to sleep. I’m not sure he’ll fit in there with it, but he has a perfectly adequate bed at the foot of ours to sleep in, should he choose.

And if the ceiling fan isn’t enough for my husband, I might just be joining our pup down there.

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