Since we just marked Memorial Day, I was remembering that old clothing fashion rule that you only wear white shoes or carry a white handbag between Memorial Day and Labor Day. Remember that? Whatever happened to that rule? Then again, whatever happened to white shoes?

I was looking through the women’s clothing department of a store the other day and was delighted to see racks upon racks of jackets for sale – blazers in pastel and bright colors with matching pants and skirts. I haven’t seen those for sale in a few decades, and it immediately took me back to the late 1980s and ’90s.

I, for one, am thrilled to see jackets back in vogue since I’m tired of everyone sporting only sleeveless dresses the past few years. Some of us don’t want to show our arms anymore and I find it downright counterintuitive to see a woman wearing a sleeveless dress in the chilling cold of January unless she’s wintering in Florida. It makes me shiver. Thank goodness I never got rid of some of my stash of blazers. Though some of them are out of style, most of them are right back in this year. I remember coming home from middle school one day and asking my mom if I could buy one of those angora sweaters that were all the rage then. She burst out laughing and said she wished she’d kept her angora sweaters that she’d purchased at the PX when my dad was in the Marine Corps. Now I know how she felt.

When I saw huge floral prints pop up on dresses and blouses this spring, I laughed remembering how I’d sported them through the 1990s and later vowed to never wear floral again. When leggings took over the fashion scene a few years back, I remembered the stirrup pants we had all worn through college and wish I had kept them and just cut off the stirrups. Voila! I would have had a whole stash of leggings. Jumpsuits are also showing up in fashion magazines and a store near you. These come and go every few years, and I’m back on the jumpsuit bang wagon in a big way right now since they’re cute, so comfortable and require no effort to match together tops and bottoms. That’s my kind of outfit.

I want to go through my closets this summer and clear out pieces I just don’t wear anymore, but I’ll have to keep in mind that some of those fashions will be back. When it comes to jeans, I don’t know what’s in right now. Skinny jeans? Bell bottoms? Boot-leg cut? Low riders? I probably have one pair of each. Well, maybe not bell bottoms. Those were never a good idea.

Now excuse me while I look through my blazers to make sure there aren’t any left with huge 1980s shoulder pads.

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