A long time ago, my mother taught me to respect the opinions of others, in a like manner I expect the same in return, yet there are others who blame gun owners for the catastrophes created by some person or persons gone haywire.

I read four articles recently written by people who don’t know a semi-automatic from a machine gun or a bullet from a cartridge. Thank goodness for the Second Amendment and the founding fathers who had the foresight to see the need for this amendment in the world that we face today. Of all the amendments that make up the bill of rights, it is the second that is of utmost importance as it protects the others including the first. It is well known that James Madison would not sign this newly created paper without the second amendment in place.

It is not as well-publicized that the United States is not a Democracy but a Constitutional Republic. That means the constitution is the No. 1 rule of the land. Few amendments have been tested as often as this the Second Amendment and it has been found to mean the rights of the people.

More than once I have heard the statement, “Who needs an AK47?” But when the bill of rights is looked at, nowhere do I find the word need but I do see the word “rights.” Even our state constitution protects the rights of the people to own firearms, and the courts have said that the laws governing the ownership of guns for the sake of uniformity should be made statewide. This removes cities and municipalities from writing their own gun and hunting laws, which would create mass confusion. It has been said that those who would trade freedom for security get neither. With freedom comes danger. Sports such as football, baseball and swimming are dangerous but so is crossing the street. These dangers, like the gun dangers, come from human activity not from inanimate objects.

Save this date: Thursday, May 2, 2019. The American Revolution, an Event Celebrating and Supporting the Second Amendment, is coming. It will be held at the Double Tree Hotel, Racetrack Road Meadow Lands from 6-8 p.m. George Taylor, President of Dormont Mt-Lebanon Sportsmen’s Club, is helping organize the event to provide focus on the NRA and the Second Amendment.

Meet and talk with Federal, State and Local legislators, as well as regional officers of the National Rifle Association and other people who support and defend the Second Amendment. Get to know them and discuss your thoughts and opinions as we face new challenges to our Second Amendment rights.

The dress is casual. There will be light bites and a cash bar. Among those scheduled to attend are:

Guy Reschenthaler. U.S. Congressman (Veterans’ Affairs Advocacy); Camera Bartolotta, Pa. Senator; Jason Oritay, Pa. Representative; Diana Irey-Vaughan, Washington County Commissioner; Robert Tekavec, NRA Field Representative; Betsy McClure, Friends of NRA, Greene County; Dennis Fredericks, Commissioner, Pa. Game Commission; Chet Krcil. Southwest Pa. Division Director, PFSC; Judge Christy Peck, Pa. Superior Court candidate; Megan King, Pa. Superior Court candidate; and Washington County Row Office and Municipal candidates

There will also be many booths and exhibits for attendees to see. The event will include the recognition of Tom Baldridge, retiring representative of the Western Pennsylvania Friends of the NRA, for his service to Washington County.

Join us and be a part of the dialogue. This information came to me from the DMSC Legislative Committee. I felt I must pass this along to all my readers. It is after all your right to know. I plan to attend so I hope you will too.

George Block writes a weekly outdoors column for the Observer-Reporter.

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