Let’s talk fishing.

Fishing pressure locally seems to be lighter this year as compared to other years. I was travelling to the club last week and noticed very few cars parked along Linden Creek. Is this the weather we have been having here or just a lack of interest? Many times, people think trout season is over after the second week of April.

It was late May, and I was heading to an Outdoor Writers semi-annual banquet in Franklin. Now anyone who knows Franklin and loves to fish will understand this story. I always took a friend with me to make the trip more enjoyable. It was a beautiful day in May, so we went up and registered at the boring convention then sneaked out. I decided to show my friend another old friend of mine, Sugar Creek.

Now being smart fishermen, we had brought our poles and gear and a change of clothes. Like any true outdoor writer, I knew the location of Sugar Creek was near Cooperstown. It was close to where we were staying having looked it up on my map in years past. It had been some time since I had fished here, and I was looking forward to it. The creek and surrounding area hadn’t changed much since I had been there last. Instead of listening to the guest speaker lecture about writing, we went fishing which turned out to be the correct choice.

We changed clothes in a nice stand of willows by the creek. Each of us caught an over 22- inch Palomino Trout that day. The creek was sparkling, and the holes are always spectacular. John had never been there, and we had a great day. After we had caught our limit of trout it, was getting kind of late, so we stepped into some willows along the creek and changed back into our dress clothes. We snuck back into the hotel and attended the dinner and hopefully our somewhat fishy smell did not offend anyone. No one commented that we had been missed so we considered that a successful late May fishing trip.

There will be a gun show over at Arden Fairgrounds on June 19-20, 2021. So, things appear to be picking back up. This will be the second one since the pandemic has quieted down and I am hopeful this one will be a little better. Guns and ammo are still about impossible to find so we can hope that maybe the show will help to bring things back around. ARH Sporting Goods is hosting this show once again.

n This week, we went to Carmichaels High School to present the George H. Block Conservation Scholarship recipient Sophia Zalar with her check and certificate. Attending the presentation for me were my two good friends and fellow board members Dennis Fredericks, Game Commissioner, and Chet Krcil, President of the Washington County Sportsman’s League. I thank them for still believing in this just cause. This honor was presented at the high school’s awards day ceremony. This year the pandemic threatened to cancel everything, so we were very happy to be able to attend.

Zalar was an outstanding candidate, and it was an honor to still be able to present her with the check. I am certain she is a deserving candidate and if she remains in the field of conservation, we will hear from her again. What a great thing to know at such a young age about the wonder of nature. The Scholarship continues to allow us to recognize a deserving kid 18 and under in the Washington-Greene County area, who does something for the environment or conservation then writes about it.

The applications are available at all the high schools and at Johnsons Sporting Goods in Eighty Four. This important work continues, and the scholarship will once again be looking for ways to raise funds through ticket sales and donations, all of which are used for the program. I hope to continue it next year so if you know someone, nominate them and ask them to write a short essay to attach to the form.

Remember, Mr. Roosevelt said “We have to, as a nation, exercise foresight for this nation in the future; and if we do not exercise that foresight, dark will be the future!”

I am hopeful the future will be brighter because of Sophia Zalar and all the kids who receive this scholarship.

George Block writes a weekly outdooors column for the Observer-Reporter

George Block writes a weekly outdoors column for the Observer-Reporter.

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