Clinching the Team Klutz Award in Biggest Winner contest

Liz Rogers, background, concentrates on keeping steady on the stability ball.

Halfway home! At the midway point of the Biggest Winner contest, I have confirmed something that I have long suspected. I am uncoordinated.

Undeniably, irrefutably and unequivocally so.

Certainly, my epiphany comes as no surprise to my teammates, who likely discovered my proclivity to klutziness about 10 minutes in to our first training session.

In fact, they've begun to rib me – good naturedly, of course – especially when it comes time to hit the floor for a set of dreaded burpees, which – thank you very much, trainer Kendra Boni – seems to worm their way into every workout.

For the blissfully uninitiated, a burpee is a squat thrust that begins and ends in a standing position. It is, in short, a real pain in the, ahem, area that I am so diligently working to slim down.

After three weeks, I've accepted that I will never excel at this particular exercise, no matter how many Kendra orders up. However, I do believe I have improved my form on my modified version. And, I'm pretty proud that it took just three weeks to figure out that by tucking my shirt into my pants, I am sparing onlookers of my bare midriff.

Burpees aside, yesterday's workout pretty much clinched the Team Klutz Award for me, thanks to my lack of stability on the stability ball.

Sure, the knee-tuck crunch exercise looked easy enough, but, as I found, proper execution requires tight abdominals and concentration – not to mention coordination.

Therein lies the problem.

I managed about a half-dozen decent crunches before rolling off the ball onto the floor.

And my attempt at a ball pass maneuver – lying on the floor and lifting the ball with the feet to outstretched arms – ended with the ball careening across the floor.

After the third mishap, Kendra said, “Just do it without the ball.”

I do excel at a few things, however.

I'm competent at squats, and when I skip rope, I channel my inner youth, harkening the childhood “'A' My Name is Alice” game to get through the reps.

Today's workout was especially gratifying as the team ran single file around the track, passing a weight backward overhead, with the last person to receive the weight sprinting to the front of the line. The team-building exercise generated lots of laughter and camaraderie. Before we knew it, we had circled the track five times.

Above all, I didn't drop the weight. Not once.

All the hard work – burpees included – is starting to pay off. I'm down close to 9 pounds and have trimmed a whopping four inches from my abs.

Not too shabby for a total klutz.

I may not be the most graceful contestant, but already I feel like the Biggest Winner.

Bring it on, Week Four!

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