Biggest Winner contestant on Day 2– "What was I thinking?"

Biggest Winner contestant and Observer-Reporter Editor Liz Rogers took this photo of her workout gear.

Until today, I figured the most difficult part of the Biggest Winner contest was going to be the 5 a.m. wake-up call.

Around 6:10 this morning – the second day of the six-week contest – I realized I was wrong.

Oh. So. Wrong.

I guess I was basing my delusion on dusty memories from a decade ago, when a much younger, much leaner me worked out with personal trainers at the Wellness Center.

The first day was spent gathering team measurements, leaving just enough time to run – or walk – a mile around the track.

The smug “can-do” attitude adopted on my drive home yesterday was replaced just 24 hours later with, “What was I thinking?”

My epiphany came after the first lap around the track, jumping jacks, push-ups and sit-ups.

Turns out that rolling out of bed before sunrise is actually the easiest part of the competition. And “roll” is likely what I will be doing tomorrow morning in order to move from a prone to upright position.

“You will be sore tomorrow,” the trainer warned the O-R team at the end of our hourlong workout.

Tomorrow? Already my legs felt like quivering Jello, a reminder of the three-minute sprint up and down stairs I had just endured, which was preceded by a stint on the treadmill. Until the trainer ratcheted up the incline, the treadmill was in the running for the most pleasant part of the day's workout – next to rolling out of bed, of course.

The treadmill was trumped only by my initiation on the TRX – a contraption suspended from the ceiling that uses gravity and body weight to deliver its own one-two punch. The love-hate relationship that is certain to develop with the TRX over the next few weeks will be shared by at least one of my teammates, who demonstrated her feelings with a quiet snarl and quick hand gesture in the direction of her device.

I'm not sure what our trainer has in store for us tomorrow, but one thing is certain: No pain, no gain.

At least that's what I'm telling myself when my alarm goes off.

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