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Smoking and collecting cigars has become an interesting hobby for many around the area.

Editor’s note: This is a weekly series focusing on the importance of buying local.

Owner Dave Puskavich is not just blowing smoke at his Leaning House Fine Cigar shop in lower Speers.

The business markets itself as “The coolest cigar shop in the universe.”

Right now, Puskavich and the shop are on fire.

Since 2006, Leaning House, or “The House” as it is known, has been serving numerous “best selections” of fine cigars in the Mon Valley and beyond, Puskavich said.

“We offer pretentious cigars in a not so pretentious atmosphere,” he said. “Whether you are coming to partake in some easy conversation or to just sit back, relax and enjoy your smoke, our lounge was built for what smokers enjoy.”

Leaning House Fine Cigars is located at 21-½ State St. in Belle Vernon. For more information, visit www.leaninghousefinecigars.com.

Puskavich said cigar smokers can purchase their favorite cigars-to-go, sit in the smoking lounge where the regulars tend to hang. The shop also offers the ability to sit at the lower deck and hang by the bar or head to the upper deck to enjoy the fresh air.

“Wherever you end up in ‘The House,’ soon it will feel like your home away from home,” Puskavich said.

He said the business also ships cigars.

“Cigar smoking is a relaxing hobby,” Puskavich said. “Our business has been fine through it all. We get everything from contractors, doctors, lawyers educators with a doctorate. Honestly, everything across the board from different jobs and different states.

“The business is holding its own. You lose some and gain some, but we have a constant flow of people.”

Puskavich’s big move came in October 2020 when he launched his own line of cigars. He and a friend collaborated on it during a Penguins game. They ended up with four blends.

“We’re currently in the process of expanding into other locations,” he said.

According to www.cigarcigarinfo.com, the reasons people enjoy cigar smoking are varied.

Why do people smoke cigars?


  • – Cigars have been a part of the culture for a long time. Perhaps it is a family tradition. Or perhaps they are only used for milestones and celebratory purposes. There is a long-winded history with cigars and one can enjoy the craftsmanship and pleasure while smoking.


  • – Nonsmokers may argue cigars and cigarettes have the same flavors. Cigarcigarinfo.com disagrees.

“This couldn’t be further from the truth. Each cigar will offer a unique flavor and experience of its own. One can purchase flavored cigars of all sizes with each offering a different experience. With the ease of access to the internet, you have thousands of flavors, sizes, and aromas of cigars to choose from. It couldn’t be easier,” the website contends.


  • – This goes along with traditions. Cigars are still smoked for celebratory occasions, such as at a wedding, the birth of a child, the child transitioning into adulthood, business partnerships, retirements, winning sports championships or simply closing on a big deal – cigars are linked with many milestones in life. Said the website, “We wholeheartedly agree, what better way to mark a momentous occasion than with a quality cigar. Is it really a celebration if there isn’t a cigar involved?”


  • – In many cases, there is a proud sense of community around cigar smokers. They have been depicted in movies for those of upper class, successful and professional people and it’s pretty accurate. The website said it “believe(s) the relaxing, stress-relieving aspects draw professionals/cigar smokers together – the perfect conversation starter for networking opportunities too.”


  • – For many people, smoking cigars has turned into a hobby – filling a humidor with quality cigars, purchasing lighters and cutters, and setting aside cigars for momentous occasions.

“Cigar aficionados will agree, cigars are more of a lifestyle than a hobby,” the site said.

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